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So, TF3 is filming, it’s coming out, and it’ll probably be a huge, massive artistic failure. Which means it’ll make BILLION$$$. What I love is how much everyone HATED the first Transformers. When I say everyone, I mean nerds on the net and friends of mine. Because it made approximately the budget of America in a week. And then , all I heard for weeks, ‘specially one week in particular, was how bad it sucked. SUUUUCKED.  Sucked like it was paid to do it with blow. And this was, wrongly, thought to be the death-knell for TF2. Because not only did every family in America cram into the multi-plex to watch the Transformers v. Logic 2, but so did the same nerds. Who. HAY-TED. The first one. Who swore they would “NEVER WATCH ANOTHER MICHAEL BAY MOVIE”

The problem (well, 1), is that the nerds who crucify Bay are the same who can’t resist the lull of the robots in disguise. I always saw it as something totally separate. More of a tribute than a story in it self. In fact, if it was it’s own animal, called “Mazziv Robawtz”, it would’ve fared better critically. But the hardcore nerds are all hyocrites,and have to see the film they hate just to shit on it, therefore becoming hypocrites.

I never saw the second one. Once was enough for me. More of a fan of the recent Animated Series, myself.